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Perth Biodesign

Alumni Association

The Perth Biodesign Alumni Association is a non-profit organisation aiming to foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing among the alumni of the extended Perth Biodesign programs (MedTech and Digital Health) and the medical technology community at large.

All Perth Biodesign for Medtech and Perth Biodesign for Digital Health graduates are invited to join the alumni association upon graduation.  Membership benefits include exclusive access to alumni association and discounted tickets to select local innovation events, networking and engagement opportunities, and more.


Perth Biodesign Alumni

Alumni Association Committee Members in bold

SPARK Co-Lab Design Course 


SPARK Co-Lab Design Course


Perth Biodesign for Medtech


Perth Biodesign for Medtech


Perth Biodesign for Medtech

Amanda Cleaver

Bernadette Wong

Cade Trigg

Chris Hill

Deepika Gupta

Emmett Morris

Evan Savigni

Gerry Maguire

Karen Pedersen

Katie Wang

Lewis Singleton

Matthew Smith

Natasha Dale

Nipanjana Patra

Oscar Beilin

Paul Tonz

Ryan White

Samuel Bolland

Sheetal Maria Rajan

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