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Kinsey Global


Kinsey Global is a Perth-based, female founded FemTech start-up that aims to promote the sexual well-being of the global LGBTQIA+ community through creating innovative sexual health products that support different forms of sexual engagement whilst protecting users from sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Founded in 2020 by Trang Nguyen and Elizabeth Tekanyo, Kinsey Global aims to be the global leader in sexual health and wellness solutions that promote gender, health and sexual equality and social justice.


Kinsey Global’s flagship product, the DARCI, is a prophylactic device that prevents STIs for vulva owners to engage in sex with other vulva owners. Currently only 1- 2.1% of queer individuals with vulvas use protection regularly due to difficulties with use and lack of access to products, yet make up over 10% of the global market. The dental dam stands as the only available barrier protection against skin-to-skin contact STIs for this population. However, due to its impracticality of use, branding, look and feel, the DARCI arose as a disruptor to re-introduce a practical alternative to improving intimacy and sexual health for this population. Innovating in design, shape, material, skin-safe adhesive and insertable components, the DARCI is the first effective product on the market that works to protect vulva owners from skin-to-skin transmissible STIs.


We have created our first laboratory prototype. Next, we need researcher assistance with determining materials/ adhesives/ moulds to design a field prototype. 


  • Interest in furthering human rights and sexual health for LGBTQIA+ and cis, heterosexual individuals 

  • Social science and humanities students encouraged to apply 

  • Experience with product design and development in regard to use of various materials (i.e. soft plastics) and adhesives 


Mixture of online and face-to-face engagement

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