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State Of The Data



Landgate is a Western Australian State Government entity that is responsible for a number of regulated services ranging from certificates of title for land ownership, land surveying, property valuations, mapping services and conveyancing.

Landgate is WA's land information authority and as custodian of the state’s fundamental spatial data, we are responsible for the capture and maintenance of critical location, titles, survey and valuation data. Landgate's purpose and vision is underpinned by how well it manages, governs and promotes this data for sustainable management & development of land in Western Australia.


Landgate is embarking on a strategic initiative of enhancing our enterprise-wide data strategy. Landgate collects and maintains high volumes of location, valuation, and land titles data for the whole of Western Australia. We also hold other government agency data through the Data WA portal. Managing and maximising the value of data is central to our strategic objective of meeting the evolving needs of the customer and to support enhanced collaboration with industry, government, and the community. The project kicks off in FY 21-22. 

The challenge was to complete a current state assessment of Landgate's data landscape on the four parameters of technology, process, policy, and data.


The students worked with Landgate's Data and Analytics Team, who is lead the project. The project entailed working with different parts of Landgate to interrogate, evaluate and assess different data sources. These datasets ranged from spatial data sets, structured and unstructured data sets, and data sets stored in non-digital format. It involved carrying out a detailed assessment of Landgate’s data landscape to further develop and enhance the data strategy.

Outcomes achieved:


An evaluation of Landgate’s data management environment and optimisation opportunities along four axes

  • Technology: Data assets, storage, integration platform, operational system, BI system

  • Process: Business workflows, IT processes and practices

  • Policy: Regulatory and legislative requirements

  • Data: Data type, volume, purpose, owner, permission

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Curtin, Design & The Built Environment 

Technical Skills: Strategic planning, environmental design, creation of data products

Soft Skills: Design thinking, strong collaboration skills 

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Curtin, WA School Of Mines 

Technical Skills: Matlab programming & strong IT skills 

Soft Skills: Critical & analytical thinking, presentation & communication skills, creative writing skills 

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Curtin, WA School of Mines

Technical Skills: Subsurface geomechanical characterization, data analysis, modelling & software beta testing, research skills  

Soft Skills: Teamwork & collaboration skills, project management & report writing

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