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Salvado & Oqea Evaluation



Oqea is the first person-centric mental health and wellbeing digital platform and consumer app to connect consumers, health providers, businesses, family and friends all in one private, safe and secure online place. Oqea is designed to be preventative in nature and empowers people of all walks of life to make healthy connections with helpful people, information, and tools anytime, anywhere when they need them.


The purpose of the project is to evaluate how an individual's health and wellbeing can be improved  through measuring self - reported scales on wellbeing, stigma and loneliness. The project will identify the actual or potential efficiencies of a person-centric digital platform, inclusive of the economics of health care providers. This initiative will provide a baseline for future research and inform psychiatrists of the impact of using a person - centric, collaborative digital platform. The team will work to define project parameters, digitalise, collate and analyse data, and make data-informed recommendations.   

Support Group
Kevin Wernli.jpg


Curtin University

Allied Health (Physiotherapy)

Skills: Digital media & IT, qualitative & quantitative experience, communication, presentation skills, adaptable & a quick learner

Shahid Hussain.jpg


Edith Cowan University 

Business & Law

Skills: Data collection & instrument design, qualitative & quantitative research, data analysis & visualisation, presentation, teamwork & communication skills, critical thinking & problem solving 

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