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Biodesign Innovation Melbourne kicked many impressive goals this year, due to the incredible efforts of the dedicated individuals and organisations involved. Congratulations to the teaching team, David Grayden, Kwanghui Lim and Simon Wilkins and the army of guest speakers, panelists, alumni and donors who contributed to making the Biodesign program a huge success for 2021.

Biodesign Innovation Melbourne is a postgraduate unit at the University of Melbourne. Over a nine-month period, teams of students from the Masters of Business Administration program and Masters of Engineering program collaborate with hospital clinicians to design medical devices to address important clinical needs. The 2021 cohort consists of six teams, working on topics relating to patient monitoring, ultrasound, vision and neonatal care.

Team Vysum

Team Vysum developed The Occumate, a software solution that transforms the way eye drops are delivered. The team won a prestigious Stephen Ho Innovation Award to help them commercialise their invention beyond the Biodesign course and is also a finalist in the 2021 Medtech Actuator Origin competition.

Team InCinta

Team InCinta developed an accurate remote monitoring technology for foetal health, which helps expecting couples overcome anxiety and reduce hospital visits. They won the Peoples’ Choice Award at the 2021 Endeavour Showcase.

Team Vause

Team Vause developed a guidance tool that increases the accuracy of spinal taps, which ensures meningitis diagnosis is less error prone. Team Vause were semi-finalists of the Ericsson Innovation Awards 2021 and will be representing Australia in the competition this December. At the Endeavour showcase, they won the MBS SEMBA Class of 2003 BioDesign Award and were also a semi-finalist of the 2021 Medtech Actuator Origin competition.

Team spOsense

Team spOsense developed an innovative way to measure blood oxygen saturation in children, using a wireless sensor that helps clinicians streamline the monitoring process. At the Endeavour showcase, they won the Telstra Digital Innovation Award.

Team Venosense

Team Venosense is making great strides in transforming peripheral intravenous visualisation, using a 3d imaging system that will help improve the accuracy of cannulation procedures.

Team Anura

Team Anura’s invention aims to keep respiratory patients out of hospital by using an at-home monitoring system which assesses lung function. At the Endeavour 2021 Showcase, they won an impressive number of awards:

  • The QinetiQ Endeavour Award,

  • The Endeavour Research Innovation and Commercialisation Prize,

  • Telstra Customer and Community Impact Award,

  • Telstra Excellence in Learning and Application Award,

  • A Stephen Ho Innovation Award with significant funding to help them commercialise their project idea.

Team Anura was also a semi-finalist of the 2021 Medtech Actuator Origin competition.

There was also great success amongst our teaching team with David Grayden, Kwanghui Lim and Simon Wilkins proudly receiving the Norman Curry Award for Innovation and Excellence in Educational Programs on behalf of the Biodesign Innovation Melbourne program.

Join us for 2022 to bring together all the knowledge and skills you have learned through your MBA or Master of Engineering degree to solve a real-world problem, which has meaningful impact.

Classes start in February 2022!

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