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The final round of Perth's iPREP Biodesign for 2021 has come to an end with great outcomes achieved across the board. The round was met with excellent feedback by students and partners, opened doors to prospective employment opportunities and tackled company R&D challenges!

Five local organizations took on a team of PhD students to help them solve an unmet need. This round saw 14 PhD students spend 7 weeks working on an industry problem and received weekly mentorship by Perth Biodesign Directors on learning and applying the Biodesign process along the way.

The five companies were:

A local medtech company that emerged from the Biodesign methodology in 2016, working to develop improved fetal monitoring during labour and delivery. The student team was tasked with evaluating the quality of the medical device’s sensors and improving sensor accuracy, data analysis and predictive model development. This team consisted of Lanie Ruiz Perez (Curtin), Dilpreet Kaur (Curtin) and Rahil Malekipoor (Curtin).

A Perth-based company working to develop tools to improve health literacy and medical planning processes through medical imaging visualisation. Their software presents CT and MRI scans into interactive and immersive 3D models within a virtual reality platform. The student team was tasked to assist in the development of their learning platform known as ‘Health Academy’ by conducting an extensive competitor landscape review. This team consisted of Katelyn Boase (Curtin), Chinh Le (ECU) and Abolghasem Hedayatkhah (Curtin).

As one of the nation’s leading medical research centres, Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research strives to create a culture of innovation to deliver better patient outcomes. Perkins North is bursting at the seams with talented researchers, innovators and clinicians, with the last remaining vacant space located on Level 3. The student team was tasked to scope the area and collate ideas from multiple stakeholders on what is needed, desired and possible. This team consisted of Azin Azadi (Murdoch), Ayoob Alyafai (Curtin) and Ramisa Shafqat (Curtin).

Oqea is an Australian developer of cloud-based mental health software and is the first digital platform to bring together professional health services, self-care tools and education all in one easy to use app. The student team was asked to test the micro and macro assumptions of the platform which will define future directions of development. The student team consisted of Kevin Wernli (Curtin) and Shahid Hussain (ECU).

South Metropolitan Health Service is one of the Perth metropolitan public health service providers, consisting of Fiona Stanley Hospital, Fremantle Hospital, Rockingham General Hospital, Murray District Hospital and Peel Health Campus. There were two separate, concurrent projects underway during the 7 weeks. The first project addressed digital communication and was completed by Ali Hayes (Murdoch). The second project analysed data from hospital administration and help desk services and was completed by Alexander Williamson (Curtin) and Wenzheng Ying (Curtin).

iPREP Biodesign is a partnership between iPREP WA and Perth Biodesign established in 2020 through the XTEND WA grant. Participation in the program provides PhD candidates with excellent networks in industry plus skills in project management, teamwork, leadership, and an understanding of the Biodesign process. For industry partners, it provides access to research expertise to stimulate growth and innovation.

You can find out more about iPREP Biodesign 2022 here. Learn about our new model which includes a 7 week or 3 month industry placement offering!


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