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A medical device innovator, entrepreneur and leader with over 20 years of research, development and operational experience, Dr Shapley was instrumental in the inception, development, formation, and financing of Cellnovo.

As a biochemist and mechanical design engineer, and following post-doctoral experience within university and commercial development, Julian developed the founding technologies within the Cellnovo system, led cross-functional teams from ideation through to regulatory approval, led the quality team and design-for-manufacture, and the setup of a prototype manufacturing line. In the role of Chief Science Officer, he then focused on the continued protection and expansion of Cellnovo’s IP portfolio, business development activities and the integration of external technologies.

More recently, Julian has founded Glucose Republic, a company combining biology and software to help people eat and live better. Glucose Republic is building a personalised intelligence system for measuring and predicting metabolic responses to the food we eat and the exercise we take.

Dr Shapley has recently relocated to Australia having been awarded an Australian Global Talent Visa. His experience and expertise in advising international companies in strategic and technical roadmaps towards the realisation of digitally connected medical devices will be invaluable to the innovators progressing through the various Biodesign programs offered by Biodesign Australia. We are very pleased to welcome Julian to this role and look forward to working with him to build biomedical innovation across Australia.


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