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RaptorOS & RaptorCore



RaptorTech is a growing engineering and technology services company based in Belmont, WA. It was established in 2018 with a vision to deliver superior technology management services to heavy industry. RaptorTech provide a range of products and services, including high-precision GPS survey and machine guidance systems, and industrial grade sensor hardware (‘RaptorCore’) and communications networking kits. An end-to-end service model of installation, maintenance and support for these products is also provided. Additionally, RaptorTech provide a variety of operations technology advisory services and custom engineering solutions.

RaptorTech specialise in designing and engineering several of these products in-house at our Belmont facility. We have a team of 13 experienced technicians, project managers and mechanical, mechatronic and software engineers that enable RaptorTech to undertake significant research and development (R&D) projects. RaptorTech supply our solutions primarily to the mining, construction, and agricultural industries and to date have delivered a range of projects throughout Australia, Indonesia and Africa.

Project 1

RaptorTech are currently developing the ‘RaptorOS’ business intelligence and analytics software platform. This is a customisable software solution that links a variety of critical mining and construction business information, including production, maintenance, and personnel data, to provide advanced analytical charts, queries and visualisations. This information can be utilised to optimise operational and strategic decision-making in real time. RaptorTech require additional resources to accelerate the development of RaptorOS.


Key student activities and project deliverables include:

  • Implementation of machine learning algorithm on the ML module of the 6 axis accelerometer in the RaptorCore product (Micropython)

  • Development and implementation of a mining asset state-machine using onboard data from accelerometer, ADC, GPS and other inputs (Micropython)

  • Implementation of a data streaming and analysis process to facilitate cloud-based machine learning

  • Implementation of a navigation algorithm across on a private road network (mining)


  • Software Engineers/Developers with full stack expertise (MicroPython; Postgres; DevOps)

  • Data Scientists

Project 2

RaptorTech are currently developing our new ‘RaptorCore’ product. RaptorCore is a multi-use, industrial sensor platform that automates collection of required data from in-field industrial assets, either generating the data itself or collecting data from other sources. The platform provides low-cost yet scalable functionality to meet the various needs of customers through its unique componentry and sensor layout. RaptorCore has been custom designed and engineered in-house at RaptorTech. RaptorCore is compatible with any Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) brand and can be up to 5 to 10 times cheaper than alternatives. RaptorCore can be used in a variety of applications (e.g. productivity tracking, asset health monitoring, fuel level sensing, and system control) due to its broad range of in-built sensors. RaptorCore marks an advancement of current technologies available due to its inter-operability, low-cost and multi-use functionality. It has broad industrial applications across multiple industries. Additional development is now required on the RaptorCore project, including the introduction of specialist sensors to meet commercial opportunities in the market.


Key student activities and deliverables for the RaptorCore project include:

  • Printed circuit board design and documentation

  • Embedded coding in Micropython

  • Lab and on-machine testing of production prototypes

  • Development of a novel industrial in wheel nitrogen sensor in conjunction with Curtin University

Anticipated project outcomes include an updated version of the design, engineering and operational prototype of the RaptorCore product, ready for scaled production and commercial release to the market.


  • Mechatronic engineers

  • Electronic engineers


In-person, on-site participation preferred

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