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Create An Impact With Your Research Expertise

PhD Students

We provide hands-on experience in an industry setting, giving you the ability to apply theory and skills to thrive in a practical research environment

The program facilitates:

  • A seven week industry placement working in a multidisciplinary team on a defined project

  • A structured professional development and training component including training in Biodesign methodology

  • A scholarship package of $4,000 (subject to university approval and eligibility)

  • A flexible participation mode (virtual or in-person)

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Am I Eligible?

We seek candidates who can demonstrate leadership, innovative thinking and academic excellence. All applications will be individually assessed and eligibility may vary depending on your university. Exceptions may be granted and additional approvals may be required.


General eligibility criteria:  

  • Enrolled as an international or domestic PhD candidate at a university in Western Australia

  • Submitted thesis for examination prior to the industry placement

  • Will not confer degree before the end date of the industry placement




  • Domestic-enrolled PhD candidate at a university in Western Australia at pre-submission stage 

How Do I Apply?

  • Meet the general eligibility criteria 

  • Check your availability for the industry placement & compulsory induction and final presentation events 

  • Get approval from your principal supervisor 

  • View available industry projects 

  • Submit your online application 


If I am not eligible to participate, what should I do?

Subscribe to our mailing list and social media channels to stay informed about program updates, events, available projects and industry placement release dates so when your eligibility status changes, you can apply. 

What if my experience is not in the advertised disciplines?

We strongly encourage all disciplines to apply. A multidisciplinary approach leads to more creative and higher impact research. Your knowledge may be standard for your discipline but novel in other fields. Applying your skills in a new area can give you a leading advantage and a unique angle to solving problems.

Can I participate remotely?

Absolutely. We offer in-person, remote or combined modes of participation for both students and industry partners. Online collaborative tools and training is provided. 

How is the Biodesign and soft skill training delivered?

During your seven week industry placement, you are expected to attend weekly lectures on Biodesign methodology and soft skill development. All lectures are delivered virtually. You will also receive individual team mentoring sessions to assist with achieving the project deliverables.

I am a domestic student receiving a university scholarship, am I still eligible for the $4,000 stipend?

You are not eligible to receive $4,000. However, applications can be made for a seven week extension of scholarship at the end of the scholarship thesis period, subject to university approval.

Can I participate more than once?

Yes, providing you still meet the eligibility criteria and the Graduate Research School of your university supports your application.

Do I have to participate full-time?

Full-time participation is preferred, however part-time applications may be negotiated depending on industry project requirements and university approval.

Can I pick my preferred industry project?

We encourage you to specify your preferences on the application form and we make every effort to honour them. 

Do all projects involve group work?

Generally, most projects will involve group work. However, industry mentors are solely responsible for scoping the project. For instance, a mentor may wish to assign two members to work together on a task, leaving the third member to work independently. 

What is expected from me?
  • Participation at program induction events 

  • Participation at iPREP Biodesign weekly training sessions

  • Submission of a written report to your industry partner at the conclusion of placement

  • Submission of program evaluation documentation to the iPREP Biodesign coordinator

  • Delivery of a public presentation at the final presentation event

Can I expect a job offer at the end of the placement?

No. There is no obligation for the industry partner to offer employment during or after the placement. 

I have submitted an application, what are the next steps?
  • Your application is assessed to ensure the eligibility criteria are met 

  • Your application will be forwarded to the participating industry partners for shortlisting 

  • If successful, you will be invited to a 1st stage induction event, where you will be expected to present a one minute pitch to the industry partners 

  • Industry partners will refine their team selections and may contact you for further questioning 

  • You will be notified if successful in gaining a position in a student team 

  • If successful, you will be expected to make contact with your industry partner to receive your project scope and workplace inductions 

  • You will attend a 2nd stage induction event to further prepare you for your placement

Need help? Contact us - we'll guide you through the process from start to finish

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