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TT Medical

Team TT is working to improve respiratory functions in intubated ICU patients to reduce their hospitalised time.

What drew you to the problem you are working to solve in Biodesign?

As a team we wanted to solve a problem that has tangible benefits to patient outcomes, the opportunity in ICU to save downstream costs allows us to focus on patient care whilst creating value for multiple stakeholders - Chris


TT Medical (L-R) Business Mentor Paul Watt, Clinical Faculty James Chen, Alumni Fellow Daphne Lakhiani, Huan Ting Ong, Tyson King, Andrea Zamudio, Daniel Smith, Chris Carr

What have you learned from the Biodesign process?

Learning to work together as a team and trusting that we will have each other’s back. - Ting

What has been your favourite thing about the Biodesign experience?

Teamwork and having the privilege to work and receive advice from amazing people who are leaders in their area and are passionate in what they do. - Andy

What do you want to be doing 10 years from now?

We want to be all-rounders, leaders at work and good partners life and in friendship. - Andy

What would be your advice to someone considering taking the course in 2020?

Time management is very important and be transparent and honest to your team members. - Ting

Express interest in the 2020 Perth Biodesign course here.

Applications are now open for our new Perth Biodesign for Digital Health course here.

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Andrea Zamudio

Andrea is a doctor who came from Chile to live and work in Australia. Dermatology is an area of particular interest for her, with much potential for the development of innovative ideas to tackle the all too prevalent and diverse medical conditions that fall into its spectrum.

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Chris Carr

Chris is an experienced Physiotherapist and Director of WA Health Group. He enjoys the balance of working as a Physio and working on his business. He is passionate about increasing the relevance of allied health services within the community. Chris is a graduate of Curtin Ignition and Growth Owner Program.


Daniel Smith

Daniel is a Bachelor of Science (Engineering) student at UWA, with plans to continue his studies in the form of a Masters in Biomedical Engineering in 2020. He has previously spent time as a student at Royal Perth Hospital, working to develop a pair of sensor goggles for diagnosis of vertigo.

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Huan Ting Ong

Originally from Singapore, Ting came to Perth in 2008. She completed her undergraduate and Honours at Murdoch University, and worked as a Research Assistant before embarking on a PhD. Ting is currently completing her PhD at the Ear Science Institute Australia and UWA, researching Stem Cells in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine.

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Tyson King

Tyson is a graduate mechanical design engineer working at SF Design. His thesis on the design and development of a 5 fingered exoskeleton has shown him the potential for developing technologies to be implemented in health and rehabilitation. With his insights he is keen to contribute to a better future for humanity.

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