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Fetal Monitoring Device



VitalTrace are developing a new technology that keeps mothers and babies safe during labour and delivery. It provides continuous, accurate data about the baby’s status during labour, which allows Obstetricians to make informed decisions about management, intervening only when necessary and allowing mothers to birth in the most natural way possible.


The students worked closely with engineers, data scientists and researchers towards the latest prototype iteration for testing in the clinical environment.

The students gained invaluable insight into applying their specific and general skills developed during their PhDs whilst working in teams to commercial timelines and priorities. They learnt how to balance doing great science with a lean start up methodology. They practiced valuable communications and teamwork skills.

Mother Holding Baby Finger
Azrina Karima.jpg


UWA, Engineering 

Technical Skills: Research, data analysis & interpretation, laboratory & field work

Soft Skills: Written & verbal communication. teamwork, cultural intelligence 

Tasmina Rahman2.jpg


UWA, Medicine

Technical Skills: Immunological assays, data analysis using SPSS, MS excel & Graphpad Prism, microbe & tissue culturing 

Soft Skills: Report writing & presenting, ability to work independently & in a team

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